Distant Thunder

Distant Thunder

Raye Pierson is living a quiet, peaceful life in the infamous Spiritualist town of Shambhala, GA, the perfect place to blend in and keep her own magical abilities under wraps. But peace is shattered when her ex-boyfriend shows up demanding to spend time with the daughter he abandoned 15-years prior and her neighbors start behaving in ways that make their psychic abilities seem downright boring. As if that weren't enough to keep her up at night, Raye’s teaching job is threatened when she's inexplicably linked to a student's tragic accident. Enter Drake Mitchell, the new School Administrator for Willow Grove Academy. Their connection is immediate and intense. But how can she think about romance when her whole world is topsy turvy?

And then there’s the not so tiny matter of the ancient crystal skull buried in her backyard. A skull which is much more than just a beautiful and ancient object. This skull has a soul. A soul who insists it's up to Raye and Drake to protect it at all costs from the powerful forces who wish to destroy it, the town, and ultimately, humankind.


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