Call of the Raven


Intuitive Development Course

Absolutely everything you need to develop your intuition!

with Elissa Wilds

Hey there Super Psychic! Do any of these describe you?


  • You suspect or know you're psychic, but aren't sure how to develop your gift.

  • You're looking for a one-stop stop for learning about and developing your intuition. (There's SO much material out there about psychic ability and it can be confusing.)

  • You're already utilizing your abilities to help others, but realize you missed out on the foundational education your peers already achieved. And you want to know what they know!

  • You're pretty sure you know what you're doing when it comes to your intuitive ability, but you could really use more practice and mentorship with an experienced psychic medium.

  • You have no idea what you're doing and just plain need help!


Does any of this sound familiar? Then you are exactly who this course was created for! 


The Call of the Raven Intuitive Development Course is the only  program of its kind to combine a comprehensive, online learning environment with self-directed and paired practice exercise options, free reading opportunities, guided meditations, hours of access to your teacher for Q & A, a private Facebook group, live demonstrations, mailed tool options, oracle card deck, and an in-person learning option...phew! Basically, everything you could possibly want in a course designed to facilitate deep and lasting development of your own intuition! 

By the end of this program you will have...


A solid understanding of how your intuition works, including your strengths and your opportunities for further development


How your energy and the energy of others impacts your intuition - and how to manage the energy to get the best, most accurate readings for yourself and others.


How to move past the thinking mind, tap into the intuitive mind, and recognize the difference between the two.


How to remove fear from the equation and trust yourself and Spirit. 


How to give a proper reading, the do's, the dont's, and the ethics  of good psychic work. 


How to recognize and work with Spirit Guides and spirit people.


How to determine if you are a psychic or a medium - or both - and what that means for your life. 

And so much more!

But best of all, you will finally have the confidence in your intuition that you've longed for. And you will be secure in utilizing it to make empowered choices in your life and (should you decide to do so) you finally have the tools you need to guide others using your psychic abilities!

Elissa creates a caring and safe environment that eases you to feel free to explore and hone your psychic skills. Her knowledge base of her craft and ability to impart her knowledge in a manner that empowers the student is second to none.  

Dana B., retiree, spiritual seeker

Elissa takes psychic development to whole new levels through her use of technology, format, relevance, and usefulness to the participant.    She can unleash the psychic in you!  I applaud her talent and her teaching skills!

David James, attorney, teacher

As a working psychic, I can attest that this course is beyond amazing! The course is very thorough giving you steps to help you grow and build more confidence in ways no other spiritual teacher/intuitive development course does.

Millie Reynoso, psychic, intuitive healer, owner of Milagros Wellness Sanctuary

why you should learn with me

Whatever your stage of development, I have been where you are. I was once afraid of my abilities and unsure of how to develop them. I know how to move past the fear to get to the miracles...because I did it myself and I have guided countless others in this process! I also know what it's like to be just starting to learn about your intuition and all the confusion that sets in when you see just how much information (and misinformation) is out there! And, I know what it's like to provide intuitive guidance to others and what it takes to fine tune your intuition to the professional level. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on my education with some of the most influential psychic mediums in the world and have logged countless hours of practice and professional experience. As a professional psychic medium with well over 20 years of experience, I've read for thousands of people and have been teaching intuitive development for nearly a decade. I have seen it all, studied with the best, and experienced pretty much everything you can imagine when it comes to developing your intuition. I've been a one-on-one reader, provided group readings, and have been on the stage providing mediumship demonstrations. I know the struggles we go through in learning to develop and trust our intuition. And I've created this course to be everything you need to recognize and utilize your own intuition with accuracy and confidence.


I know what some of you are thinking right now. (See what I did there?) :) You're thinking this all sounds great for beginners, but you're too advanced for this course. Actually, I've developed this course to help beginners as well as more advanced intuitives. Over the years, I've met a lot of professional intuitives and the truth is, many of them never had any formal training or teachers before they started doing readings for others. And now, they are embarrassed to admit just how much they don't know or that they fear their abilities have stagnated. They know there is a way to grow in their development, but they aren't sure how. Is this you? Then this course is most definitely for you! In fact, some of my most satisfied students were already professionals when they came to work with me! And some became professionals afterwards!


So if you're on the fence about taking this course because you're a semi-professional or a professional who is afraid that if you take this course you'll appear like you don't know what you're doing out there, rest assured the opposite is true. I stress to all my students that good intuitives never stop learning and developing. The fact is, you'll only set yourself above the rest by showing a sincere desire to never stop learning and growing.

Here's the thing...

You've tried to teach yourself by reading books, watching YouTube videos, and using the "fake it till you make it" approach. You may have even taken an afternoon class here and there. But you know that you're still missing something important, some key ingredient necessary to take your intuition to the next level. Whether you're a complete newbie or are already offering services to the public, you owe it yourself - and your clients - to build a solid foundation to your intuitive development. You deserve to have a teacher who will be there guiding you every step of the way for not just a few weeks, but for 6 whole months!  Let's face it - You're busy! You have a life! You don't have time to keep trying to put the pieces together on your own. I understand what that's like. That's why I've done the work for you with this course. It really does have it all! I've made it super easy for you to develop your intuition while still having time to live your life. I've created the course that I only wish had existed when I was learning to develop my own intuition!

A peek at what's inside the Call of the Raven Intuitive Development Course

Module One

The main obstacles to intuitive development, how to be in "the flow" of intuitive knowing, ego vs. intuition, how to recognize intuitive insights, an overview of the clair-senses, and grounding & protection techniques.

Module Two

How your energy impacts your intuition, techniques for fortifying and expanding your auric field, all about the chakras, the different layers of the aura, Kundalini awakening, an in-depth look at Clairvoyance, Remote Viewing, Spirit Guides and how to recognize them and communicate with them, and other Spirit Beings you may encounter.

Module Three

A deep dive into clairaudience, how to identify clairaudient experiences, how to determine if this is one of your key psychic senses, how to recognize psychic hearing, inner and outer clairaudience, telepathy, astral noise, the emotional component to our intuition, forgiveness and release, reader bias, and the physical component to our intuition. 

Module Four

Everything you need to know about claircognizance and clairsentience, recognizing empaths and empathy, energetic cords & attachments, energy vampires, care and keeping of the empath and how to handle toxic people and situations. 

Module Five

Psychic ethics, integrity of the psychic, tips for working with others, an overview of different types of psychic tools and how they work, the real dangers of using psychic tools (no, it's not monsters! ;) and more! Also included are the Top 20 Questions I'm Most Often Asked about Psychic Ability - and my honest and frank answers. 

Module Six

BONUS! While this course is primarily devoted to psychic development, in this module I take you even deeper with a primer on mediumship which includes: the history of mediumship, types of mediumship  famous mediums in history, sitting in the power, manifestations,  developmental tools for mediumship, and the mechanics of mediumship connections.

Call of the Raven

Intuitive Development Course

When you enroll during this special, limited time period you'll get:

BONUS: Optional admittance to a 2-day in-person Intuition Immersion experience in the Tampa Bay, FL area August 24th & 25th) ((premium packages)

Tutorial videos with 20+ hours of learning, MP3 audio options, including detailed powerpoint presentations, practice exercise instructions (that you can do on your own), and downloadable reference sheets

Guided meditations to help you clear, center, and prepare for intuitive work

9 Live Calls with me (recorded so you can watch over and over), during which I answer Q & A, and do live example readings (randomly selected from those in attendance) (premium packages)

Paired practice exercises (premium paired package)

Psychic Prompt card deck created by me specifically for my students

Monthly Oracle Card pull from me to You! (premium paired package only)

Monthly tool mailings (premium packages only)

Private Facebook Group personally monitored by me and my staff (premium packages only)

Lifetime Access to the class materials

(This is easily a combined value of $2997.49)

*Once the course officially begins, you'll be given access to the online virtual environment and private Facebook group. One module is released every 2 weeks to allow ample time to really dig in, try out the self-guided practice exercises, and be prepared for the monthly live calls. Modules are released during the first 3 months of the course and the remaining 3 months are to focus more deeply on practice, applying what you've learned, and integration.

I am a busy mother of three and didn’t think that I would be able to handle this course but I was proven wrong.  I had all the tools available online and via mail!! I was taught many different avenues to reach my spiritual potential.  I loved it!! I felt no pressure, took my time and actually surprised myself in this process.  I have everything I need to continue my journey and feel confident with the tools and techniques I learned.  I highly recommend this course to further your journey or even if you're just beginning.

- Jennifer H.

mom, student

Something else you should know about working with me...

I'm not one of those teachers who promises you the moon only to leave you just shy of answering the questions you really needed. I don't hold back. I share it all. I'm not kidding when I say this course is robust! You may be wondering...why a 6 month course? (Most courses last 3 weeks to 3 months.) Here's why: There's a lot of information in this course. It takes time to digest and integrate that much info! Plus, your intuition takes time to unfold. And you need someone to be there for you, guiding you as it does. Someone who can explain the unexpected, help you when you get stuck, and support your progress. I want to do more than just deliver information. I want to help you absolutely amaze yourself! And in order to do that, I've got to be there for you longer and more deeply than the typical course allows.

I really enjoyed the Call of the Raven course! I think my favorite part was learning and having time to work with intuitive methods that I was not familiar with or don’t use as regularly as others. Elissa’s instructions were clear and easy to follow as well.

- J. Labuz

this is not your average intuitive development's so much more!




Everything you need to ignite your inner magic...

Enrollment only happens once per year and the space is limited. Late registrants last year are kicking themselves for missing the open enrollment period! And the price will never be this low again so don't miss out!

Register now by filling out the Registration Form AND then selecting one of the 3 learning options!

Select from 3 Learning Tracks

Premium Paired Package: the option to attend the 2-day LIVE Intuition Immersion Experience at the beautiful Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, Safety Harbor, FL August 24 & 25, 2019 - mark your calendar now! *travel and lodging is not included (the immersion experience includes hours of enhanced learning and lots of intuitive practice with exercises designed to help you tune into and turn on your intuitive abilities and is included with this price for those who purchase this package), lifetime access to all video learning modules, all reference guides/handouts, Paired and self-guided Practice Exercises, Guided Meditations, monthly oracle card pull from me during the active class period for your year of original enrollment, monthly tools, free Psychic Prompt Cards deck, 9 Live Webinar/Q&A calls (recorded), monthly tools, Private Facebook Group monitored by me. (This option is ONLY for those who are truly committed to their practice. If you select this option it is expected that you will honor your commitment and the time and energy of those you are partnered with for practice. Failure to do so may result in removal from paired practice without refund.) 

$909.00 2019 special price: $747.00

One and Done

3 monthly payments

Premium Package (no pairing): Lifetime access to all video learning modules, all reference guides/handouts, self-guided Practice Exercises, admittance to the 2-day Intuition Immersion Experience at the beautiful Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, Safety Harbor, FL  August 24 & 25, 2019- mark your calendar now! *travel and lodging is NOT included (the immersion experience includes hours of enhanced learning and lots of intuitive practice with exercises designed to help you tune into and turn on your intuitive abilities and is included with this price for those who purchase this package) lifetime access to all video learning modules, all reference guides & handouts, guided meditations, free Psychic Prompt Cards deck, self-guided practice exercises, 9 Live Webinar/Q&A calls (recorded), Private Facebook Group monitored by me. (This option is for those who want to learn with the group, but wish to practice on their own.) 

$789.00 2019 special price: $639.00 

One and Done

3 monthly payments

Distance learner, Basic Package: Lifetime access to all video learning modules and all reference guides/handouts, self-guided Practice Exercises, Guided Meditations, and free Psychic Prompt Cards deck. (For those who want to learn on their own and at their own pace).

$349.00 2019 Special Price:


One and Done

2 monthly payments

What if your intuition is your super power? Wouldn't you want to know how to use it to live your best life? What might you do if you knew how to harness your gift to help others? This is the course and now is the time.

Get ready to spread your wings and fly! 

*PLEASE NOTE: Installment payment pricing is slightly higher than 1-time payment options. Once the course officially begins, you'll be given access to the online virtual environment and private Facebook group. One module is released every 2 weeks to allow ample time to really dig in, try out the self-guided practice exercises, and be prepared for the monthly live calls. Modules are released during the first 3 months of the course and the remaining 3 months are to focus more deeply on practice, applying what you've learned, and integration. Additional FAQs will be available on the FAQs page of the virtual learning environment once the course begins. 

IF YOU DO NOT SELECT A PREMIUM PACKAGE BUT WANT TO ATTEND THE WEEKEND INTUITION IMMERSION EXPERIENCE: Seats are very limited and only guaranteed to the premium students. Sales will open up to Basic Package students on a first come, first served, pay-to-attend basis once the open enrollment period closes. Tickets to this weekend event are individually priced at $260.00.

Terms and conditions: By purchasing this course, you understand the following: this is a non-refundable course, failure to make payment as agreed either via the 1-time payment or installment options will result in suspension of access to the course and all course materials and environments until payment is made as agreed. *Those who select the paired premium package agree to participate in the paired practice exercises to the best of their ability or risk removal from the paired practice pool. The contents of this course are for the students personal reference only and are not to be shared, copied, or distributed in any format or context. 


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