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Energy Boost Meditation Bundle

Energy Boost Meditation Bundle


These 3 guided meditations are those Elissa created for her Intuitive Development students to assist with calming the mind, experiencing their own energy (you need to feel how your energy works before you can learn to psychically connect with another's), and clearing of the energy centers to raise your personal vibration. Calm, Focus, Energy Awareness, and Clearing are the cornerstones of a healthy, intuitive life. Now, they are available for you here to enjoy and experience again and again.  In less than 30 minutes a day, you can make serious progress toward your intuitive unfoldment.

  • By purchasing you agree and understand:

    This purchase entitles you to personal download and use of 3 digitally delivered MP3 files. Not to be distributed, shared, copied, or reproduced. Copyright 2018 Elissa Wilds. All rights reserved.

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