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One on One Reiki 3 (Master) In-Person Certification Class

One on One Reiki 3 (Master) In-Person Certification Class


Elissa provides individual Reiki training by appointment in her Brandon, Florida office. Email for more information.


SUPER IMPORTANT: Completion of Reiki Level 1  and 2 is required prior to taking the Reiki Level 3 Course. YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED YOUR REIKI 1 CERTIFICATION WITH ELISSA. Why? Because there are various methods and varieties of Reiki taught and Elissa has no way of knowing what your prior teacher did/did not teach you or what types of attunements were passed to you. Thank you for understanding.


Reiki Level 3 with Reiki Master Elissa:

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a powerful, Japanese technique for relaxation and healing of body, mind, and spirit. Reiki can be utilized on its own or as a compliment to other healing modalities. It is administered by “laying on of hands” (although direct contact with the body is not necessarily required) and utilizing specific hand positions, while channeling universal life force energy. The specific frequency one utilizes to draw in the life force energy of Reiki is tied to a set of ancient symbols that one is “attuned to” via a special process which can only be implemented by a Reiki Master. A Reiki Master is someone who has completed all required levels of Reiki training, has been attuned to all the symbols, has been shown how to pass the attunements, and who has developed a certain level of skill in attuning others and teaching others.

Prepay/Preregister required.

Reiki Level 3 includes:

· The Making of Reiki Master

· The Mental/Emotional Symbol and its uses

· The Transmission symbol and its uses

· The Grounding symbol and its uses

· Understanding the Attunement process

· Breath/body work

· Teaching Reiki

· Reiki Healing as a profession

· Level 3 Attunement

· Comprehensive handouts and learning guide.

· In-class practice time.

· Certificate of Level 3 Completion.

Note: Completion of Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 is required prior to taking the Reiki Level 3 Course

About the Instructor: Elissa has received extensive training in Reiki and Essential Energy Balancing techniques from Author, Reiki Master & Expert, Diane Stein. Diane was instrumental in bringing Reiki, which was previously considered a “secret” tradition, to the public. Diane has authorized several best-selling books on the subject, including Essential Reiki. Elissa has been teaching and utilizing Reiki healing methods for twenty years. She is also a seasoned and highly accurate Psychic and Evidential Medium.

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