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A Spirited Evening

Another beautiful event at Gaia Spiritual Doorways, Lutz, FL. We had a great group who came out to participate (despite the storms)! I always learn something new from this work and every event takes on its own particular energy. This was an evening of spirits who had a great sense of humor and kept cracking me – and the group – up. It was also an evening I’ll always remember as “get in line.” There were two sisters in attendance and one lovely lady who had traveled all the way from the West Coast of FL for the event. Well, Spirit should wanted to make sure these ladies got what they came for! While everyone in attendance had someone from the other side come through, these three folks had them lined up on the other side! Seriously, I could see the spirits all hanging out around them in groups, waiting to have their say.

As a result, the evening went way longer than usual (I lost track of time, which I tend to do anyway when doing intuitive work) and by the time I realized I had brought through 5 people for the sisters and an equal amount for the lady from the West Coast, the candles had burned low and the tea and treats had been gobbled up. Many thanks to my dear friend Lori, who kept my tea-cup full and finally reminded me (ever so politely) that I might wish to look at the time. Yikes!

Thanks to those who came out to see me and who hung in there through a long – but quite delightful – evening. I, for one, had an excellent and sound sleep afterwards!

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