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When the Spirits Call You to Service

Recently, I had a conversation with one of my teachers that really got me thinking. We were discussing that as mediumship is becoming more mainstream and the media is spotlighting it more on television, there is an upsurge in people being called into mediumship work. I'm thrilled that so many are having beautiful awakenings and are recognizing that we have within us the ability to connect with our loved ones even when their physical form perishes. However, not all of us are meant to do this work for others. It is not a calling to be taken lightly.

This is deep, meaningful, life changing work - for your clients - and for yourself. It requires a tremendous amount of your personal energy, time, devotion to education (which can be a significant financial investment) and for the majority of us, it's not something that you will ever do to "earn a living." If the goal is fame or fortune or power, you will fail.

You have to go deep, get real with yourself about your motivation. What really drives you? Is it a desire to serve others? Would you do it even if no one ever paid you for it and no one ever knew who you were? If the answer is anything other than yes to those questions, then I truly believe you must rethink your path.

Now, you may wonder, what about you, Elissa? What drives you? I have been doing psychic mediumship work since I was in my early twenties. My goal has always been to help people and this is the gift that was given me, the way I was shown that I could be of service. It was not something I sought out. My very strict religious upbringing caused me to fear my abilities and so I ran from them for years. It took tremendous courage, dedication, and fortitude for me to accept the calling and to continue to do it to the best of my ability.

25 years later, I still do this work whenever I can. It means a lot of time away from my family and not much leisure time. I worked for many years for free or at reduced prices. Why? To help as many people as possible. Why? Because when I have taken a break from the intuitive work. I've experienced a sadness, an emptiness inside, knowing that I was not fulfilling my soul's calling. And so, always, I go back to it.

At the end of the day, you must be willing to do the work simply for the love of helping others. Do it for the sheer knowledge that when you leave this planet, you will have, hopefully, left it for the better. That's what it's about.

A beautiful saying keeps reverberating in my mind. "Many will be called, but few will be chosen." Something to think about.


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