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Q: Why didn't I hear from the spirit person I wanted to? And when will my loved one send me a sign?

Recently, I was asked why a medium cannot guarantee that a particular spirit will show up in a session. What I've learned over the years is that it's NOT because they don't care about you. It is NOT because they are confused or lost. It is NOT because they are somehow caught between worlds and haven't transitioned. It's because the energy of the moment, the medium, the client, and the Spirit were not AT THAT PARTICULAR TIME all in sync. Or the spirit person may not have been immediately available. They are living lives on the Other Side, still working on themselves, sometimes still integrating and reflecting on their time on earth and whatever their particular challenges were and the growth they are experiencing as a result.

A medium may not be able to connect with your loved one, then you may see the same medium later on and that particular spirit will come through loud and clear. A different spirit person may visit on another occasion. The same spirit person may return on more than one occasion - or they may visit once. It's about who is available and able to connect at that time. It's about where your energy as the client is at that moment, where the medium's energy is, and whether or not the spirit person has mastered the mechanics of connecting with a medium.

It takes quite a bit of effort for a spirit to connect with a medium. It takes a lot of energy for the spirit people to manipulate things in this realm to bring us the evidence of their afterlife. People don't realize this. They expect the spirit people to work immediate and abundant miracles for them and miss the subtle signs the spirit IS giving them that they are ok and they are around them because it isn't "big enough" or "amazing enough." Be gentle with your spirit loved ones and yourselves, my friends. They are over there living, growing, learning. They will always love you. When the timing is right for it, you will receive your sign. Just be open to it in all its beauty and sometimes - its subtlety. Know that they are doing everything they can to let you know they are safe and well.

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