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Passive and Active Intuition

Intuition tip from Elissa: Just wanted to share with you all something that has been coming up a lot lately in my intuitive work with others. And that is the understanding that our intuition works best when we understand the role of passive/receptive and active/assertive intuition. For most of us, we have to learn first how to relax into our intuition, how to allow information to flow to and through us without our thinking mind getting in the way and mucking it up. This can be really hard to do. That's because we are too often attached to the outcome, afraid to be wrong, not liking what we are intuiting, or in some way have a stake in the "rightness" of it.

So first, we learn the role of neutrality and how to get to the neutral states we need in order to pull ourselves back and out of the mix and release our attachment to the outcome, Next, we must learn focus, and how to quiet the thinking mind enough to hear intuitive mind - and how to recognize the difference between the two. When we are actively thinking and trying to make intuition happen, it doesn't work. However, our mind is what allows us to sift through and make sense of the intuitive information once we receive it. Basically, we have to learn to do a delicate dance between the two. We learn to ask Spirit for guidance/information, then we relax and detach enough to receive the information.

And of course, then we must make sense of it to the best of our ability.

But it's not a simple matter of just sitting back and blanking out and waiting to see what shows up for us. Sometimes it seems to work so effortlessly that way - as if it does just come to us from out of the blue. But many times, it requires some kind of active prompting or questioning on our part and the ability to shift between the active and passive/receptive states of mind.


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