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Tea with a Medium®

A comfy seat, a mellow brew, and a visit with the Other Side

Elissa is the creator of these unique spirit-filled events. Years of experience working with clients made clear to Elissa just how nerve wracking many people found a mediumship reading and/or demonstration to be. In an effort to find a way to make it a more relaxed process, Elissa combined her love of tea with mediumship demonstrations. The result was pure magic! She held her first event in July of 2012 and these events continue to be very popular.


Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, sip delicious tea, and munch on scrumptious treats while Elissa explains how mediumship works, connects with those in the world of Spirit, and brings messages to those in attendance, with her usual candid, down-to-earth style.


Elissa strives to bring detailed evidence of the spirits she communicates with - often those details are quite amazing! These are great events to attend if you don't like big group events, but aren't ready for a one-on-one, are curious as to how a genuine medium works, or are looking for something unique to do on "date night."

Frequently Asked Questions:


What can I expect at a Tea with a Medium® event?


These events can be large (up to 30 people or more) or more intimate (7-10 people).  If you’re uncomfortable with larger groups, touch base with me or the store hosting the event prior to booking to see what sort of attendance is expected for the event.


You'll enjoy yummy teas with natural flowers and herbs known for  known for relaxing you and opening up intuitive channels, snacks, and flavored water for attendees to enjoy. There will be comfortable seating, candles, high energy, and an atmosphere created to be most conducive to connecting with the world of Spirit.


Attendees sip tea from antique cups and munch on scones and cucumber sandwiches. Before the event begins, Elissa channels her energy into creating sacred, safe space to allow all to be more relaxed and receptive to receiving guidance and messages from Spirit.


What’s the reading part like?

Elissa opens herself to spirit, connects with the spirit(s) and provides her intuitive impressions about the spirit with whom she is communicating. Then, based on the information provided from the spirit, she determines who in attendance the spirit belongs to. This information comes in the form of seeing (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), feeling (clairsentience) and sometimes a simple “knowing” (claircognizance). Sometimes she may even incorporate her intuitive sense of smell (clairolfaction or clairalience) or intuitive taste (clairgustance). Psychic Mediums utilize many ways of sensing both the realm we can see with our physical eyes and those which we cannot.


Do I need to bring anything? Pictures of a loved one or items of theirs?


You certainly don’t need to, but if you wish to do so and to meditate on that object yourself, while the event progresses, you are welcome to do so. This can help attract a particular energy or spirit to you if they are able to and available at the time to make contact.


Elissa prefers that you do not "feed the medium" – in other words, the less she knows about you the better. It’s easier that way for her to keep her intuitive channels pure when connecting with your loved ones.


What if you don’t get any spirits who want to connect with me?


This does occasionally  happen. Elissa does not control who does or doesn’t come to you. The spirit controls if and when they make a connection with this side. It’s not the easiest thing for them to do and requires a tremendous amount of energy on their part. And at a group event, they are vying for air time with a crowd of other spirits who are there for their loved ones as well. However, no one leaves without getting something! If no spirit comes through, by request, Elissa will still provide you with intuitive impressions about past/present/future life issues, concerns, etc. ***Note: this applies to smaller group events only (10 or less). Also, you must be open to having an intuitive read in front of others. Of course, sensitive information will not be shared in a group/public setting.


Unfortunately, for large groups it would be many hours to read each person individually and both the attendees and Elissa would be severely exhausted by the time she was through. She does make every effort to ensure that everyone feels they get something out these events – even if it means a nice discount to a one-on-one with her at a later time…simply because you attended Tea with a Medium®.


What if I don’t like group events? Can I meet with you one-on-one?


Absolutely! Email Elissa or contact one of the stores she does business with.


What if I don’t like tea?


What?!!! Nooooo!!! LOL In all seriousness, no worries. There will be flavored water available and hot chocolate too. And you can always bring a beverage of your own to enjoy.


***Elissa conducts these public events 3-6 times per year. See the EVENTS page of this site for upcoming events. If you're interested in hosting a private event with Elissa and your group (minimum 7 guests), please email for information and rates. Elissa also donates her mediumship and intuitive skills to churches/spiritual centers, fund raisers, and good causes as her busy schedule permits. If you are interested in bringing her to your center or event, please email for information.

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