So, you're psychic - Now what? 

If you've ever wondered about your intuitive abilities but were too confused, embarrassed, or afraid to explore them...



If you know you're psychic, but aren't quite sure how to tap into your inner knowing in a way that's practical and useful to you in your everyday life...


If you're compelled to help others by providing guidance and advice...



If you've read some psychic "how-to" books or took a class or two, but were left with still more questions...


If you're already providing professional intuitive services, but feel like something is missing and you could use some mentorship...


If any of this sounds like you...

Then don't miss this absolutely FREE webinar with Psychic and Evidential medium Elissa Wilds!


I've been in your shoes. I was scared (my strict religious upbringing caused me to suppress my abilities for years). I was confused. (So many books! So many teachers! So little time!) I was embarrassed. (What would people think of me??) 


I know how important it is to find grounded, practical, empathetic guidance from someone you can actually relate to. When I was starting out on my intuitive journey (well over 20 years ago), I just wanted to find a teacher with a lot of experience, someone who had been there - done that, someone who could appreciate the magic while still keeping their feet firmly on the ground, and who had a sincere desire to help.  I was lucky enough to find that teacher and have had many other wonderful intuitive guides since. My wish is for you to do the same.


But you've got to start somewhere, right? So, to help you on your journey, I've created this brief, informative webinar that gets right to the point. The webinar includes a few of the key lessons I've picked up along the way. In it, you'll learn:

  • The top 3 obstacles to intuitive knowing

  • How and why you need to start dealing with the fear monster

  • Why people stop developing their intuition - and how not to be one of them

Want to know more? 

Sign up below to be sent a private link to access one of 3 Live Webinar dates. I'll email you the options and the links to the calls! (I'll also be taking Q & A at the end of each of them). Make sure you go to to sign up for a free Zoom account and make sure it's working in advance of the webinar.  (At the end of the Webinar I will be sharing information about my upcoming 6 month intuitive development program - the ONLY one of its kind. However, this free Webinar is my gift to you, no strings attached! Come and learn with me! Your information is NEVER shared or sold!)


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