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State of Intent and Disclaimer and Release of Liability and Agreement for Services


Statement of Intent and Disclaimer:  The intention of intuitive, mediumship, coaching, and/or energy balancing or other healing sessions or classes, courses, training with Elissa Wilds and/or Messages from Your Muse, LLC is to enable You, the client, (hereinafter You, the client) to access answers You need to move forward in Your life in an empowered and rewarding manner.  If You feel that You are in need of resolving deep-seated issues or feel You may be suffering from depression, having suicidal thoughts or feelings, or are experiencing panic attacks or intense mood swings, You are advised to seek the counsel of a physician, licensed therapist or mental health professional. Also, if You are experiencing physical reactions, pain, etc., You are advised to seek the advice of Your medical professional. If You are in emotional crisis or suicidal, wish to harm Yourself or others, please IMMEDIATELY, contact a local mental health professional or health care professional, or Your local crisis center, to find a crisis counselor who can talk with You. If You feel You are in imminent danger from Yourself or others, are currently experiencing any other life-threatening event or emotion, please immediately call 911 in Your local area to receive assistance.

Release of Liability: Intuitive/psychic readings, mediumship services and/or energy balancing, healing, coaching, or classes, courses, or training is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical, legal, financial, psychiatric, psychological, counseling, or social work services. You as the client, should always consult Your professional medical, psychiatric, psychological, counseling, or social work provider to determine the appropriateness of the services provided based on Your own personal situation. Intuitive/psychic readings, mediumship services, and/or energy balancing work with Elissa Wilds and/or Messages from Your Muse, LLC does not create any professional medical, psychiatric, psychological, counseling, or social work relationships of any kind, expressed or implied. Any information, opinions, recommendations or advice provided by Elissa Wilds is not intended to replace or substitute for any information, opinions, recommendations, advice, or counseling provided by any legal, financial, medical, psychiatric, psychological, counseling, or social work provider or replace or be a substitute for any relationship that exists between a physician or health care professional and a patient, mental health professional and a patient, a mental health professional and a client or a professional counselor and a client. You, as the client, understand, acknowledge, accept and permanently release and forever discharge Elissa Wilds and any business owned/controlled by her and all other employees, officers, directors, shareholders, subcontractors, affiliates, agents, representatives, attorneys, successors and assigns (collectively the "Releasees") of Elissa Wilds and Messages from Your Muse, LLC from all liability, claims, demands, damages, including but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages or lost profits, costs, expenses, actions and causes of action (collectively the "Claims") with respect to any injury, harm, loss or damage to You the client, howsoever caused, arising, or later to arise by reason of, or during, from You the client’s participation in, at any time, during, or subsequent to, the services provided by Elissa Wilds and notwithstanding that any Claims may have been contributed to, or occasioned by, any acts, errors, omissions, representations, negligence, or fault of any of Elissa Wilds as his/her own business entity or any of the Releasees. Intuitive/psychic, mediumship, energy balancing , healing, coaching services and training, mentoring or classes are provided WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY WARRANTY FOR ANY SERVICES OR ANY UNINTERRUPTED ACCESS TO SERVICES OR ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  THERE ARE ALSO NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED FOR ANY OTHER PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, RECOMMENDED, PROVIDED THROUGH, OR USED IN CONNECTION WITH THE PERSONAL SERVICES PROVIDCED BY ELISSA WILDS. 


You, as the client, understand, acknowledge and accept that the services are requested by You, as the client, by Your own choice from Elissa Wilds as his/her own business entity. You, as the client, take full responsibility for any decisions, any actions or lack of actions, taken, not taken, made or not made after receiving the services as well as any and all consequences thereof. Elissa Wilds and Messages from Your Muse, LLC as his/her own business entity may provide links to other websites, teachers, authors, other written materials and audio or video information which may be of interest to You, as the client. This does not constitute any endorsement of any such information or any associated organization product of service. Any paid Affiliate sites will be clearly noted as such. It is the responsibility of You as the client, to make Your own informed decision about the accuracy of any such shared information. In no event shall Elissa Wilds and/or Messages from Your Muse, LLC as his/her own business entity be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages or lost profits resulting from use of any such accessed shared information.

In addition, by signing this document, you also agree and affirm the following:


By scheduling and/or paying for any service offered through, and/or securing Elissa's services for intuitive, mediumship, and/or healing sessions or classes in any fashion you are attesting that you have read this legal disclaimer and these terms of service. Further, you attest that you understand and willingly enter into, agree with and accept the following:

  1. You are 18 years of age or older.

  2. 100% accuracy is not guaranteed.

  3. Communication with a specific spirit person is not guaranteed.

  4. Any information, communication and/or consultations with Elissa Wilds separately and/or through this website are for educational, spiritual and personal development purposes only.

  5. No service provided by Elissa Wilds separately and/or through this website is intended to, nor should it ever take the place of professional services including but not limited to: medical, legal, financial, business and/or psychological.

  6. Elissa Wilds and Messages From Your Muse, LLC, Tea with a Medium, Call of the Raven, or any other business or subsidiaries owned/operated by Elissa Wilds accepts no liability and/or responsibility for any actions and/or decisions any client chooses to take or make based on his/her consultation with Elissa Wilds separately and/or through

  7. You agree to absolutely indemnify and hold harmless Elissa Wilds and/or any businesses owned/operated by Elissa Wilds, including but not limited to Tea with a Medium, Messages From Your Muse, LLC, and, their heirs, relatives, agents or assignees in perpetuity and throughout all known and unknown universes.

  8. Copyright and confidentiality laws apply. You agree you will not publish, display, share, distribute and/or archive any written material, photo, image, video, description, or other information or content that is on and/or and/or without the express written permission of Elissa Wilds, Owner, and Publisher.

  9. If your session/service is/was recorded, you are aware that all copyright and privacy policies apply. You are legally required to notify me you will be recording, and you are aware that I expressly forbid the sharing or publishing of the recorded session. The session may NOT be published, shared, or distributed in part or in whole via any medium (TV, Internet, Social Media, print, and any and all other avenues of distribution).

  10. You understand that all mediumship, intuitive, and healing, coaching services and/or classes or training offered by Elissa Wilds are for educational, personal development, and spiritual purposes only and are not intended to replace professional services of any kind.

  11. You have had the opportunity to ask any and all questions regarding the services offered and terms of same and fully understand and of your own free will, choose to enter into this legal and binding disclaimer and terms of service agreement and secure services with Elissa Wilds.


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