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The 2019 Call of the Raven®  Intuitive Development Course has taken flight!  This 6 mo. experiential course is unlike any of its kind. I want you to experience the magic too!


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Join Michigan Psychic Medium Lisa Bousson and Florida Psychic Medium Elissa Wilds for an evening of Spirit Messages. Witness the mediums connect with your loved ones on the Other Side to bring through messages of hope and healing. The mediums strive to bring through details from the spirit world that will make clear they are connecting with your loved ones. Often, those details are quite amazing! These evenings are always filled with love, laughter, and healing.

For more than five decades, Michigan Psychic Medium, Lisa Bousson, has been communicating with the world of spirit. Lisa is a Certified Spiritualist Medium, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, and an Instructor at the famed historic Lily Dale Assembly. Internationally known as a Survival Evidence Medium, Lisa shares the world of spirit with what she calls “accurate and compassionate sass”. Along with her private practice, for 30 years Lisa has taught spiritual development classes and held public demonstrations of mediumship throughout the country. For more information about Lisa, visit her website at or

Psychic Medium Elissa Wilds is known for her high degree of intuitive accuracy and warm, down-to-earth style. She has well over 20 years of professional experience , has trained with the top psychic mediums in the U.S. and the U.K., and has been teaching intuitive development for almost a decade. She is also an award-winning author, certified medium and coach. You can learn more about Elissa via her website

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Edge Hotel Clearwater Beach
505 South Gulfview Blvd.Clearwater Beach, FL 33767 PH:(727) 281-3106

*No one under age 16 admitted (and only with a parent or guardian).
*An individual message is not guaranteed.
*No refunds.

This an evening you are certain not to forget! But don't wait to reserve your spot!

LIVE in Clearwater, FL: Spirit Messages with Mediums Lisa Bousson and Elissa Wilds *January 18, 2020 7:30PM


An evening of connection. Join Mediums Elissa Wilds and Jackie Korth as they connect some in attendance with their loved ones in spirit.

Join Wisconsin Medium Jackie Korth and Florida Medium Elissa Wilds for an evening of Spirit Messages. Witness the mediums connect with your loved ones on the Other Side to bring through messages of hope and healing. Jackie and Elissa are both evidential mediums, which means they strive to bring through details from the spirit world that will make clear they are connecting with your loved ones. Often, those details are quite amazing!


Learn more about Jackie:


Learn more about Elissa:





Unitarian Universalist Church Tampa

11400 Morris Bridge Rd, Tampa, FL 33637


*Ages 16 and up (accompanied by a parent if under age 18)

*Attendance does not guarantee an individual message

These evenings are always filled with love, laughter, and healing!  But don't wait to reserve your spot as seating is limited!

An Evening of Spirit Messages with Mediums Elissa Wilds and Jackie Korth - LIVE in Tampa, FL *February 21, 2020 7PM

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Psychic Medium and Board Certified Life Coach Elissa Wilds leads you through a fun, interactive, workshop designed to guide you to your best self - You 2.2 (that's 2.0 plus a little extra for the special dose of magic you will carry away with you after this class). Using various divination tools, psychic and mediumship skills, energy balancing techniques, and more, we'll  identify your challenges, clear them, and if you've gone off course, get you back on track so you can work on creating the life you love. Whatever it is you are hoping to clear, activate, or manifest, this class is sure to be that big ole, loving, magical push you need to get you headed in the right direction. Come have a blast and stir the magical pot as you tune into Spirit to get you on your way to You 2.2. And yes, we're holding the class on a master number 22 day - not a coincidence!

Here's whats on the agenda:

Auric field and chakras assessments to identify your energetic blocks

A pineal gland opening exercise to help you get fully in touch with your intuitive self

Using divination tools to chart your future and reach your goals

Immersive meditation to identify and release what's holding you back

Goal setting (getting clear about your next 12 months and beyond) 

Energy Balancing techniques

Price: $70.00



510 Vonderburg Drive

Suite 104

Brandon, FL 33511


Tap into Spirit and create the life you deserve! SEATING IS  LIMITED TO JUST 8 PARTICIPANTS! DON'T WAIT. REGISTER NOW. 

Magical You 2.2 with Elissa Wilds.  A Day Workshop to create the life you love! *February 22nd, 2020 12:30pm

Reiki Healing

​Reiki Level 1 with Reiki Master Elissa: Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a powerful, Japanese technique for relaxation and healing of body, mind, and spirit. Reiki can be utilized on its own or as a compliment to other healing modalities. It is administered by “laying on of hands” (although direct contact with the body is not necessarily required) and utilizing specific hand positions, while channeling universal life force energy. The specific frequency one utilizes to draw in the life force energy of Reiki is tied to a set of ancient symbols that one is “attuned to” via a special process which can only be implemented by a Reiki Master. A Reiki Master is someone who has completed all required levels of Reiki training, has been attuned to all the symbols, has been shown how to pass the attunements, and who has developed a certain level of skill in attuning others and teaching others.  Elissa was trained in Usui Reiki by author of Essential Reiki Diane Stein, and is the only person Diane personally recommends/refers students to .

*Class is limited to 6 people


Workshop Fee: $100.00: MUST Pre-pay/pre-register

Reiki Level 1 includes:

  • History of Reiki.

  • Types of Reiki. (Elissa teaches the traditional Usui method as taught by author, expert Diane Stein)

  • How Reiki works.

  • Key terms.

  • What to expect after receiving/providing Reiki healing.

  • The Reiki Hand Positions.

  • Level 1 Attunement

  • Comprehensive handouts and learning guide.

  • In-class practice time.

  • Certificate of Level 1 Completion.


510 Vonderburg Drive, Suite 104 Brandon, FL 33511


Note: Completion of Reiki Level 1 is required prior to taking the Reiki Level 2 and/or the Reiki Level 3/Master Course.

Reiki 1 Certification Class

March 29, 2020  1PM-4PM

Brandon, Florida

Mediumship and Intuitive Life Assessments

​As part of her community outreach, Elissa is available at Alchemy & Ashes, Lutz, FL for in-person appointments on select dates in  at reduced prices. 30 or 60-minute appointments only. Contact the store direct to schedule. Deposit is required. 48 hours notice of cancellation is required. 1 person per appointment slot only, please. 



1-11-20   11AM-6PM

3-14-20    11AM-6PM

4-11-20    11AM-6PM

5-9-20       11AM-6PM

6-13-20   11AM-6PM



24836 State Road 54

Lutz, Florida


Phone: (813) 530-6957


*Phone and Virtual appointments available throughout the year. Additional In-Person appointments available at regular rates throughout the year at my Brandon office. Email to schedule in-person appointments. Visit the appointments page to schedule phone or Zoom (virtual) appointments.

Reservations are HIGHLY recommended to avoid disappointment.

Various Saturdays - Lutz, FL:

Community Outreach Reduced Rate Readings: In-Person Mediumship & Intuitive Life Assessments

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