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Connecting you with

the world of Spirit

Elissa operates as a bridge between you and those who have passed beyond the veil. She will provide evidence of the identify of the spirit (or spirits) she is connecting with and will deliver a message from the world of spirit to you. Elissa cannot guarantee contact with a particular spirit. Sometimes, multiple spirits will come through in one reading - and it's important to keep an open mind as to which spirit communicates. Sometimes, certain spirits are the "door openers" for others in the spirit world who may not be as well versed in communicating with a Medium.

Mediumship Session

Although a mediumship session is different from an intuitive life assessment, at times, Elissa will be given information about your life circumstances during a mediumship session and she will share what she receives. However, the main purpose of the mediumship session is to communicate with those who are now in the world of Spirit. In so doing, you receive comfort in knowing that life continues even after the physical body dies and that your loved ones live on. These sessions can be immensely personal and healing. 


At this time, Elissa only conducts in-person appointments out of her office in New Tampa.  Readings are by appointment. To schedule an in-person appointment, please email to obtain available dates and times.


Phone and Zoom appointments are also available.  NOTE: A maximum of 2 immediate family members may participate in 1 mediumship session. Here's why:  FAQs For group rates (3 or more), email for more information. 

*** While I do offer some evening appointments, I recommend booking a mediumship appointment for a weekend morning or afternoon. This type of session requires the most of me energetically and I want to be at my best when I connect you with your loved ones. Thank you for understanding. 


Phone and Zoom appointments are also available. 

Click here to book a virtual appointment!

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