Bringing clarity to your life

Elissa connects with you and your energy in order to intuit your life circumstances past and present and alerts you to your probable future. (Note, probable, not certain, as you always have the ability to change the course of your future if you don't like where you're headed).  


Career, love, financial, health, creative, (and more!) insights are shared. She will address your goals and aspirations and will guide you toward creating the future you desire for yourself. Elissa utilizes all of her psychic senses (her "clair senses") to bring information about you and your life circumstances. She is highly clairvoyant (she sees psychically) but also utilizes her psychic hearing, feeling, and knowing. 


For repeat clients, please note that Elissa will not see repeat clients until at least 3 mos has passed since the last appointment. This allows time for the items discussed to take root and develop, and also helps you avoid dependence. It is Elissa's goal is to empower YOU to make healthy choices and create the life YOU that you don't need her. You read that correctly. She wants to help you NOT need her. :)


Please note that the information intuited in this type of service can be extremely personal in nature. It's for this reason that Elissa does not recommend "tandem" readings. 


At this time, Elissa only conducts in-person appointments out of her office in Brandon, FL  Readings are by appointment. To schedule an in-person appointment, please email to obtain available dates and times.


Phone and Zoom appointments are also available. 

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